Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A-List Vegan

Not that it matters, but a lot of famous people are vegan.  For some reason when people who are in the public eye announce their vegan-ism, I feel like it helps legitimize the cause even more.  Since our society is so obsessed with celebrity, I guess this makes sense.  Whatever helps the cause and makes the masses more aware is ok with me.  One of my fav celebs who happens to be a vegan is Ellen DeGeneres. Animal rights has always been a very big platform of hers, and recently she dedicated a part of her web site to educating people about going vegan.  She is calling it appropriately, "Going Vegan With Ellen."  One of the pages has a list of all the A-List celebs who are taking the vegan route, and it's quite an impressive list.  Some of these vegan stars might surprise you: Famous Vegans

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  1. Very cool. I love Ellen. And Alec Baldwin?! Okay, who knew! I totally love it when celebs go vegan - as you said, it focuses the public on the issue and makes veganism less exotic.