Monday, May 16, 2011

It's 5-o-clock Somewhere!

I love a good Bloody Mary, and thankfully they are 100% VEGAN!  There are all kinds of ways to make a Bloody Marry, but here is my way!

1.Tomato Juice (I like to use the low sodium V8)
2. VODKA!  (Since I live in MA, I like to use locally made Triple Eight Vodka)
3. Horseradish
4. Fresh ground pepper and sea salt to taste
5. Celery
6. Green olives if you like them!

Get a fun glass and fill it with ice. Get a shot glass to measure out your vodka, (I'd say one to two shots is plenty!) and pour the vodka over the ice. Pour in the tomato juice to almost fill the glass, add a heaping spoonful of horseradish (more or less depending on your taste buds!), a good grind of freshly ground pepper, and a pinch of salt.  Use a long piece of celery as a garnish as well as a stirrer!  Make sure to give it a good mix before tasting! If you like olives, stick a bunch through your straw if you have one, or just throw them on in and get them out with a spoon later! 

Hint: you can always put in more of anything, but you can't take it out, so do a little at a time and taste along the way to make sure you get the mix exactly the way you like it!

If you are a Boston local, and you also love a good Bloody Mary, you should try going to the East Coast Grill in Inman Sq, Cambridge for Sunday brunch.  They have the coolest make your own Bloody Mary bar!  I highly recommend this place for any meal, but the Bloody Mary bar is fantastic!  They have everything you could ever imagine mixing into your Bloody Mary, and even some things you would never think of!! 

Happy Drinking!


  1. Total proof that being vegan is FUN!!!

  2. I'm here from your amazing cruelty-free makeup site. Thank you so much for all the information you collected!

    Most Worcestershire sauces are not veg*n, they contain anchovies. :-( I was shocked myself when I first found out. There are vegetarian sauces on the market, though, and if that fails, you can make one yourself from scratch. Here's the first recipe I stumbled upon:

  3. Thanks Y! I recently learned that about Worcestershire sauce but totally forgot about this blog post! Thanks so much! I changed my recipe, and totally love the cooking with rock-stars blog you directed me to!! Thanks for reading!!! XO Melissa