Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paperless Post

 Panther Birthday (Bright Yellow)

Everyone loves to get a letter in the mail, right?!  Well these days it seems like it is harder to get to the post office, and no on ever has stamps on hand!  I recently found this awesome site called Paperless Post where you can "mail" people really beautiful cards right through e-mail!!  They come in an animated envelope and look like real letters! They have tons of designs to choose from, or you can customize as much as you like!  When you sign up you automatically get free stamps, so you can start sending people cards right away, for FREE!  I am a fan of this site because it is a step up from just sending an e-mail, it saves paper, and saves you money on stamps, but it is still just as meaningful and special as sending a card in the mail.  Check it out!!! Paperless Post

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  1. What a find - I love it and totally signged up for it! Thanks, Melissa.